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Fenomenoloģijas konference Atēnu 23. pasaules filosofijas kongresa ietvaros

World phenomenology institute: session New perspectives of metaphysics from phenomenology of life

in our post-modern times, 5-9. augusts, 2013, Atēnas


The World Institute for Advanced Phenomenological Research and Learning

1 Ivy Pointe Way, Hanover, New Hampshire  03755, United States,

Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka, President; Daniela Verducci, Vice-President




23rd World Congress of Philosophy

Philosophy as Inquiry and way of life

Athens, 4-10 August 2013


S e s s i o n




New perspectives of metaphysics from phenomenology of life

in our post-modern times


Monday, August 5

h. 11,00:12,50  RoundTable

h. 14,00:15,50 Meeting 1

h. 16,00:17,50 Meeting 2


h. 11,00:12,50

Round Table:

Philosophical achievements from Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka’s Phenomenology of life

(6 speakers of which attending: 5)

Chairman: TOTARO Francesco, Italy

Presentation of  A.-T. Tymieniecka’s 2 volumes of the series "The fullness of the Logos in the key of life":The case of God in the New Enlightenment (Springer, 2009, “Analecta Husserliana” 100) and Christo-Logos: Metaphysical Rhapsodies of faith (Itinerarium mentis in Deo) (Springer, 2012, “Analecta Husserliana” 111)

Presentation of the 2 volumes on A.-T. Tymieniecka’s thought and work: S. Kahlilov, Phenomenology of life or life of idea, Baku 2012 and D. Verducci, La fenomenologia della vita di ATT. Prova di sistema, Roma 2012.

1.    ALFIERI Francesco OFM, Italy, About D. Verducci and S. Khalilov as interpreters of A.-T. Tymieniecka’s Phenomenology of Life

2.    COZMA Carmen, Romania, Towards the Divine Transcendent with A.-T. Tymieniecka’s phenomenology of life.  

3.    DOLIDZE Mamouka, Georgia, Developing Husserl's ideas in the contexts of  phenomenology of  life and modern Georgian philosophy

4.    BUNYADZADE Konul, Azerbaijan, The Doctrine of Tymieniecka from the view of the book of S.Khalilov,“Phenomenology of Life or Life of Idea”

5.    KHALILOV Salahaddin, Azerbaijan, About Tymieniecka’s thought

6.    SACCHI Dario, Italy, The revisitation of transcendentalism. A.-T. Tymieniecka’s phenomenology of life interpreted by D. Verducci (Not Attending). 

h. 14,00:15,50

Meeting 1-  Phenomenology of life between metaphysics and post-metaphysics 

(12 speakers, of which attending: 6, with15 minutes speech for each)

Chairman: BASTI Gianfranco, Italy

1.    VERDUCCI Daniela, New perspectives of metaphysics from phenomenology of life in our post-modern times. A short  Introduction to the WPI’s Session at WCP.

2.    BERTOLINI Simona, Italy, From Phenomenology to Post-Metaphysics: some  Considerations on two Contemporary Philosophical Directions (Not Attending)

3.    CAVACIUTI Santino, Italy, For a metaphysics of freedom to interpret our post-modern times (Not Attending)

4.    FERRI Michela Beatrice, Italy, The founding role of the "phenomenology of life" of Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka in the history of phenomenology in United States of America.

5.    GRAY Rosemary, South Africa, A lucid stream of everywhereness" in Ben Okri's WILD (2012): a postmodern perspective

6.    KULIS Rihards, Phenomenology of life and principle of transcendentalism

7.    RICCI SINDONI Paola, Italy, Metaphysics and Messianism after Auschwitz. For a phenomenology of life.

8.    RIZZACASA Aurelio, Italy, Limits and possibilities of Realism in a post-metaphysical horizon (Not Attending).

9.    SACCHI Dario, Italy, Existential transcendentalia: existentialisation of transcendentalia or  transcendentalization of existence? (Not Attending)

10. SZMYD Jan, Poland, Anthropological Regression in Post-modern Times and Metaphysical creativity. Introduction (Not Attending).

11. TELONI Maria Chiara, Italy, The phenomenology of life as starting point of a constructive metaphysics (Not Attending).

12. TOTARO Francesco, Italy, New Metaphysics and Research of Sense in the Philosophy of Life 


h. 16,00:17,50

Meeting 2Phenomenology of life and ontology or “metaphysica generalis”        

(8 speakers of which attending: 5, with15 minutes speech for each)

Chairman: VERDUCCI Daniela, Italy

1.       ALES BELLO Angela, Italy, Phenomenology of Life and Ontology in the early phenomenological School (Not Attending).

2.       ALFIERI Francesco OFM, Italy, The metaphysical instances of A.-T. Tymieniecka’s Phenomenology of Life: An analysis of the inner logoic motion in the Lebenswelt constitution.

3.       BASTI Gianfranco, Italy, For a constructive post-modernity: a dual, scientific ontology of life and person

4.       COSTANZO Giovanna, Italy, For a Phenomenology of Birth. Outlines of Metaphysics and Ethics

5.       DE STEFANO Francesco, Italy, Life and Truth. From Nietzsche to Phenomenology (Not Attending).

6.       KHALILOV Salahaddin, Azerbaijan, The Problem of Finite and Infinite in the Phenomenology of Life

7.       QUINTERN Detlev, Turkey, Is there development beyond ontology? Orientations by the phenomenology of life in a meta-cultural perspective (Not Attending)

8.       SEZGIN Erkut, Turkey, The Touch of the Deconstructive Text: The Texture of which touches  the Transfiguring Sense of Philosophizing that touches Everything

Tuesday, August 6

h. 14,00:15,50 + 16,00:17,50


Meeting 3Phenomenology of life and  metaphysicae speciales” that is: psychology/anthropology, cosmology, theology    

(12 speakers of which attending: 9, with15 minutes speech for each)

Chairman: KULE Maija, Latvia

h. 14,00:15,50

1.    PROPERZI Martina, Italy, Personalistic metaphysics or meta-anthropology? Foundational issues about absolute being in Max Scheler’s phenomenology (Not Attending).

2.    BUNYADZADE Konul, Azerbaijan, Divine and Human Creativity in the Phenomenology of Life.

3.     DOLIDZE Mamouka, Georgia, Theatrical transformation: Human condition and  Phenomenology of Life.

4.    PAGLIACCI Donatella, Italy, Life as both, demonic game and unconscious creating. Plessner on the trail of Bergson to rediscover life.

5.    PROCACCI Silvana, Italy, Organism and evolution in H. Jonas (Not Attending).

6.    MURATA-SORACI Kimiyo, Japan, Foucault & Dogen on the Care of Self.

7.    AKINCI Semiha, Turkey, On Piety.

h. 16,00:17,50

1.    SOTEROPOULOS Ion, Greek, The Whole Of Infinite Space: What is the size and shape of the infinite universe?

2.    MECH Krzysztof, Poland, Nature and Transcendency.

3.    PESARESI Chiara, Italy, From world to nature. Phenomenology beyond the horizontal-cosmological  paradigm (Not attending).

4.    GRANDPIERRE Attila, Hungary, How to initiate actions? The role of consciousness and the cosmic quantum-vacuum in the life of the Universe (Not Attending).

5.    TARNOWSKI Karol, Poland, Does contemporary religious thought should exclude metaphysics?

Wednesday, August 7

h. 14,00:15,50 + 16,00:17,50


Meeting 4Phenomenology of life and the new philosophical issues from “Communication Universe” and Education field   

(9 speakers of which attending: 7, with15 minutes speech for each)

Chairman: COZMA Carmen, Romania

h. 14,00:15,50

1.    KURENKOVA Rimma, Russia, Phenomenology of Life and Educational Paradigm of 21 Eyelids.

2.    KOLENOVA Valeria, Russia, Aesthetics of Modern Art Theatre.

3.    POLISADOVA Olga, Russia, Phenomenology of dancing art in  a space.

4.    POLENTA Stefano, Italy, New perspectives about the theme of growth in education (Not Attending).

5.    IKERE Zaiga, Latvia, Person’s Self-realization and the Significance of Humanitarian Education.

h.  16,00:17,50

1.    KULE Maija, Latvia, Communicativity and participation from the perspective of phenomenology of life.

2.    SEHDEV Mina, Italy, Communication and incommunicability in the mediatic universe (Not Attending).

3.    VEVERE Velga, Latvia, From I to I: the problem of communication circles in 
philosophy of existence.

4.    LOUCHAKOVA SCHWARTZ Olga, USA-CA, Dia– Log(os): Genesis of Communicological Virtues in the Phenomenology of Life, with the reference to the Advaita Vedānta of ādi Śakara.


Thursday, August 7

h. 14,00:15,50 + 16,00:17,50


Meeting 5Phenomenology of life and the new philosophical issues from Ethics of Environment, Development and Human rights   

(8 speakers of which attending: 5, with15 minutes speech for each)

Chairman: IKERE Zaiga, Latvia

h. 14,00:15,50

1.    AVITABILE Luisa, Italy, Phenomenology of life and perspectives of law.

2.    BOMBALA Bronislaw, Poland, Application Martin Heidegger’s ontology to management sciences.

3.    BUCENIECE Ella, Latvia, Esteem as basis for phenomenological understanding of  communities.

4.    GIACONI Catia, Italy, Phenomenology of life and human rights: new perspectives of social inclusion (Not Attending).

h. 16,00:17,50

5.    COZMA Carmen, Romania, On a Peculiar Human Status in the Web of Life. Phenomenology of Life and an Environmental Virtue Ethics.

6.    LABATE Sergio, Italy, Biopolitics and Work. Social rights and transformation of life in the age of the end of the work  (Not Attending).

7.    MEZZANZANICA Massimo, Italy, On bio-power and human nature. The philosophical anthropology of Helmuth Plessner in the context of biopolitics (Not Attending).

8.    OKTAR Sibel, Turkey,  Sisyphus in the brave new world.

 Closing of the session

Ievietots: 25.11.2013
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