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Ethnic sociology, ethnic relations and the problems of society integration, formation of the national identity in Latvia, the intellectual tradition of Russian culture in Latvia, Old Believers in Latvia. 

The research carried out by this research group has essentially changed the direction of research in the history of ethnic minorities and ethnic sociology in Latvia. It encouraged extensive cooperation with the researchers of other European Union countries, the use of foreign literature in investigating the processes in Latvia, comparison of Latvian experience with the processes in Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Austria, the Russian Federation, the Czech Republic and etc., the regions closer to the complex of ethnic relationships in Latvia and the historic memory of the relations in the XX century.
The researchers of the group have taken part in numerous scientific international conferences abroad, organized the national level scientific conferences and expert seminars.

The government of the LR nominated an expert commission consisting of I Apine, V.Volkovs and L. Dribins to work out a number of guidelines for the Integration Ministry. In the framework of PHARE European projects this research group investigated the Estonian and Lithuanian experience in the sphere of ethnic integration policy. The research results were published in the collections of articles Opposition to Society Integration: Causes and Consequences (Riga, 2007) and Society Integration Tendencies and Counter-Tendencies. The experience of Latvia and Estonia. The Aspect of Ethnic Relationships (Riga, 2008).

The research staff:

Dr.hist. Inese Runce, CV Volkovs, CV

Dr.phil. Jānis Broks, CV 

Dr.phil. Ainars Dimants, CV Nadežda Pazuhina, CV Aleksejs Šņitņikovs, CV

mag.chem. Vallija Rone

and others.

The leading researchers are also the professors of the main national universities (University of Latvia, Daugavpils University, Liepaja University, Turiba University College, Baltic International Academy, teaching courses on ethnic sociology, history of ethnic minorities, media and social philosophy. 

Thanks to the unification of a number of thematically kindred groups whose work was guided by different approaches (sociology, history, oral history, mass media, religion, social psychology and social philosophy, etc.) a fruitfully working group was formed that in 2009 carried out a successful analysis of tendencies and factors at work in formation of national identity in a multidimensional discourse making use of triangulation of data and methods.  



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