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Ethnicity – a peer-reviewed journal was established by the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology (University of Latvia). The journal publishes original works about ethnicity in different fields of knowledge – sociology, history, social linguistics, social psychology, law, political science. Knowledge Base Social Sciences Eastern Europe (

The journal is published in English and is electronically available and it is to be included in a number of databases. It is the only interdisciplinary publication of the type in the Baltic Sea region and at present it is already available in the SSEE (Social Science Eastern Europe) database. With the financial support of the Friedrich Ebert fund and in cooperation with the Baltic colleagues the journal Ethnicity was presented in the acadEemic circles in Vilnius and Tallinn in 2010.


Publication ethics and publication malpractice statement

The guidelines for authors

CV of the Chief editor Vladislavs Volkovs, PhD, Professor


Vladislavs Volkovs, PhD, Professor (Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, University of Latvia)

Inese Runce, PhD, Senior Researcher (Institute of Philosophy and Sociology/Faculty of Humanities University of Latvia)

Ekaterina Anastasova, Ph.D., Associate Professor, (Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with the Ethnographic Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria)

Petr Bednařík PhD, Professor (Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, Czech Republic)

Svetlana Bogojavlenska PhD, Researcher (The Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany)

Bill Bowring, PhD, Professor (University of London, the Great Britain)

Leokadia Drobizheva, PhD, Professor (Institute of Sociology of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia);

Deniss Hanovs, PhD, Associated Professor (Riga Stradins University, Latvia)

István Horváth, PhD, Senior Researcher (Babes-Bolyai University, Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities, Romania)

Maija Kūle, PhD, Professor (Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, University of Latvia);

Jacek Kurczewski, PhD, Professor (Warsaw University, Poland);

Vladimir Mukomel, PhD, Professor (Institute of Sociology of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)

Helena Noskova, PhD, Senior Researcher (Institute of Contemporary History of the Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic);

Paolo Ruspini, PhD, Senior Researcher (Universita della Svizzera italliana, Faculty of Communication Sciences, Switzerland)

David J. Smith, Professor (University of Glasgow, the Great Britain)

Anastassia Zabrodskaja, PhD, Researcher (Institute of Estonian and General Linguistics, University of Tartu, Estonia)

Anele Vosyliute, PhD, Senior Researcher
(Institute for Social Research, Lithuania)

Silvija Marta Horsta 

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