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[ 03.04.2013 ] - EUROSTUDENT V survey is launched in Latvia

RIGA — The group of sociologists at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology have started implementation of the fifth wave of international comparative survey EUROSTUDENT commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Science. Within the project, a survey of higher education students will be carried in order to provide a comparative assessment of social and economic aspects of students’ life. The survey is implemented on a regular basis in countries which joined the Bologna process. The current round of the project has 27 confirmed participant countries. In Latvia, EUROSTUDENT is being implemented for the fourth time.

The main aim of the EUROSTUDENT project is to collate comparable data on the social dimension of European higher education. It focuses on the socio-economic background and on the living conditions of students, but it also investigates temporary international mobility. The project strives to provide reliable and insightful cross-country comparisons.

The Institute of Philosophy and Sociology previously implemented two EUROSTUDENT waves in Latvia.

Detailed information is available at the project's web site

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