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[ 16.03.2015 ] - Published EUROSTUDENT V comparative report

The synopsis of indicators of EUROSTUDENT research project was published in Vienna in late February. The publication covers the key aspects of social and economic conditions of student life in 30 European countries. It draws upon dedicated work of national research teams between 2012 and 2015. In Latvia, a group of experienced sociologists led by Ilze Koroļeva implemented the full cycle of the project. The comparative report based on national analysis is available online (read the full article text).

Some of the key highlights put out by the authors are:

  • Many countries are widening access to student groups which are traditionally underrepresented such as those
    from low socio-economic background. It becomes evident that many of these new students bring work experience with them into their university and college seminars.
  • A large share of students work alongside their studies. This presents new opportunities for a closer nexus between studies and the labour market and it would surely be good to see this opportunity being exploited through the open learning practices associated with student-centred learning.
  • The study points out that studying abroad remains socially selective. However, by looking more closely at
    the obstacles to mobility it finds that there are financial barriers, but also attitudinal and informational barriers.

You are welcome to read the full text of Synopsis online or download it.

For the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology this was the 3rd time it implemented EUROSTUDENT in Latvia contributing it's expertise in carrying-out international comparative studies and in the field of youth and education research.

Latvian National EUROSTUDENT V report was published in late 2013 and is available on-line (in Latvian) as well.




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