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[ 09.12.2015 ] - New book: «Emigrant Communities of Latvia: Diaspora of Hope»

We are happy to announce that the long awaited book was presented at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology. The book consists of 14 chapters devoted to critical aspects of population emigration and remigration in Latvia. Along with the paper-back edition we invite all interested to explore an on-line version of the book at

  • The first part of the monography characterises the problem of emigration in Latvia and discusses methodological solutions to the study of emigrants.
  • The second part is dedicated to the analysis of employment and education of Latvian migrants abroad.
  • The third deals with the analysis of the sense of belonging, identity and attitudes of migrants.
  • The final part turns to the analysis of the return migration and diaspora policy and praxis in Latvia, providing an insight into the opinions of experts responsible for the development and implementation of those policies.

«The emigrant communities of Latvia» project represents a turning point in migration research in Latvia, both methodologically and in term of contents. Co-operation between researchers from di erent institutions and areas of science has ensured the most precise information on Latvian emigrants available so far and allowed the development of a methodology supporting a regular collection of data on Latvian migrants abroad — migration monitoring.

The study challenges the accustomed views of the migration process, calling for the revision of our understanding of what it means to ‘emigrate’, dispelling several myths and providing answers to many questions important in the context of the diaspora policy.

The study invites a change in the policy focus from getting emigrants to return home (a very di cult task considering the wage di erences) to the possibilities of potential co-operation between those living in Latvia and abroad.

At the same time, the study warns of the commodification of emigrants if their economic contribution to Latvia is emphasised too much. One should not forget that any Latvian national is a part of our nation, regardless of age, ethnicity, educa- tion or demographic pro le. It is crucial to change the established view that the Latvian government does not need and does not care about people living abroad, and to help them to preserve ties with Latvia and their national identity, thus making it easier for emigrants and their children to return and integrate into the Latvian society, if they decide to do so.

Paper-back edition is available free of charge at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology.

For the web version of English Summary please visit


The project is co-funded by European Social Fund (agreement No. 2013/0055/1DP/ 


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