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[ 04.04.2016 ] - Conference The Church and Totalitarian Regime: Secularization and Strategies of Survival

Call for papers

University of Latvia

Institute of Philosophy and Sociology

Faculty of History and Philosophy


Call for papers

The Church and Totalitarian Regime:

Secularization and Strategies of Survival


Riga, 27–28 October 2016

Dear colleagues,


It is a pleasure to invite you to take a part in the international scientific conference “The Church and Totalitarian Regime: Secularization and Strategies of Survival” that will take place in Riga, 27-28 October 2016.


Understanding of the totalitarian heritage and its analysis is one of the most important tasks for the modern day scholars in Europe. Interactions between the totalitarian power and the Church, regime’s attitude towards religion, religious tradition, and cultural and religious aspects of the secularized education system, which were tightly controlled by the totalitarian state – all these aspects are part of our recent common European past. It is a key aspect in terms of understanding our contemporary situation, to analyze and rationally explain the experience of survival strategies of different confessional and religious groups under a rigid conditions of ideological and administrative control.

The aim of conference is to look at the processes that were taken place in the Church, interactions between the Church and society and its forms, paying attention to the context of secularization and socio-political situation during the age of totalitarian regime, especially in the Soviet Union. 

We also welcome contributions on research theories and methodological issues, as well on various and particular aspects of cultural history in the history of the Church under the Soviet regime.  

Topics of interest for submission conference proposals:

• relations between the Church and totalitarian state;

• religious policy and legislation; administrative control of Church affairs, repressions against the Church, religious organizations, clergy and laity;

• Church and the state ideology; the Church and political propaganda; the Church and mass media;

• Church and political parties, the Church and informal social and political movements under the totalitarian regime,

• Church and school, religious upbringing and problems of education, attitude towards religious values and religiosity in the context of school system;

• missionary activities, religious literature and publishing under the totalitarian regime;

• religious art in the secularized society: problems of thematization of religion and believe in the totalitarian regimes;

• religiosity and traditional culture in the context of secularization and totalitarian ideology;

• methodological approach towards research on religious communities under the circumstances of totalitarian regime;

studies of historical sources related to religious communities and their situations under the totalitarian regimes. 

The organizers of conference invite historians, experts in religion, sociology and politics to take part in this conference, also interdisciplinary studies are welcome.

The working languages of conference: Latvian, Russian, English.

Conference program will be divided into thematical sections.

Time limit for each presentation – 20 minutes.

Deadline for submitting the conference proposals: July 4, 2016

It must include:

-          short abstract of conference paper, not more than 2000 characters, including space;

-          short information of contributor (name, family name, institution of affiliation, scientific degree and expertise), not more than 1000 characters, including space.

Conference fee is not planned, also traveling and lodging expanses will not be cover by the conference organizers. In case of necessity, conference organizers can arrange an official invitation for visa.


All of conference abstracts must be sent to following email address:

All of conference proposals will be evaluated by a team of reviewers, based on the abstracts sent, and results will be announced by July 15, 2016.



The organizing comitee of conference

“The Church and Totalitarian Regime:

Secularization and Strategies of Survival”:


Dr. phil. Solveiga Krūmiņa-Koņkova,

Dr. hist. Aleksandrs Gavriļins,

Dr. phil. Māra Kiope,

Dr. hist. Inese Runce,

Dr. art. Nadežda Pazuhina


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