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[ 18.07.2019 ] - Springer publishes the «Emigrant Communities of Latvia»

This open access volume examines experiences of contemporary Latvian migrants, thereby focusing on reasons for emigration, processes of integration in their host countries, and — in the case of return migration — re-integration in their home country. In the context of European migration, the book describes the case of Latvia, which is interesting due to the multiple waves of excessive emigration, continuously high migration potential among European Union member states, and diverse migrant characteristics.

Тhe book’s digital version is availabe free of charge from Springer in PDF and EPUB formats.

The data in this volume is rich in providing individual level perspectives of contemporary Latvian migrants by addressing issues such as emigrants’ economic, social and cultural inclusion in the host country, ties with the home country and culture, interaction with public authorities both in the host and home country, political views, and perspectives on the permanent settlement in migration or return.

Through topics such as assimilation of children, relationships between emigrants representing different emigration waves, the complex identities and attachments of minority emigrants, and the role of culture and media in identity formation and presentation, this book addresses topics that any contemporary emigrant community is faced with.

The book is based on results of an innovative and highly successful research project «Emigrant Communities of Latvia» that was carried out at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology in 2014–2015.

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