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[ 05.11.2019 ] - International Conference. Call for Papers.

Balkan and Baltic States in United Europe – History, Religion, and Culture IV
Religiosity and Spirituality in the Baltic and Balkan Cultural Space: History and Nowadays
June 9 – 11, 2020









Call for papers


International Conference  


Balkan and Baltic States in United Europe – History, Religion, and Culture IV
Religiosity and Spirituality in the Baltic and Balkan Cultural Space: History and Nowadays

June 9 – 11, 2020

Riga, Latvia


Dear colleagues,

You are kindly invited to participate in the 4th edition of the international conference ‘Balkan and Baltic States in United Europe: History, Religion, and Culture IV which will be held in Riga, Latvia on June 9–11, 2020. This time we are happy to announce you that the central topic of the conference will be Religiosity and Spirituality in the Baltic and Balkan Cultural Space: History and Nowadays’. At the same time, the conference will continue the discussions which began in the previous conferences in Sofia (2008, 2014) and Vilnius (2017) on the general themes of our Balkan-Baltic meetings: history, religion, and culture.

Our fourth conference marks the thirteen year of our meetings and discussions on the Balkans and the Baltic region in the United Europe. What has changed in the Balkan-Baltic region? This theme continues to be an actual topic in the European Research Area. The dynamics of geopolitical processes in Europe and the world (Brexit, USA-EU-Russia-Chine relations, religious and church conflicts etc.) gives a new dimension to this topic. On the other hand, what happens with the ‚cultural intimacy“ (M. Hertzfeld) of the individuals and communities in the region? So why to our traditional questions: how is history interpreted and re-written? What is the situation with ethnic and religious communities? What are the new problems and topics in the Baltic and Balkan, European and World Research Area? We added new topics: what are the changes and conflicts in the religious landscapes in both regions? What are the new dimensions in spirituality? What is new in the Balkan-Baltic axiology? How church(es) and state communicate in the Balkan-Baltic (and large) region?

            The conference aims to attract researchers interested in presenting their investigations concerning these processes. Moreover, it hopes to provoke discussion, and encourage scientific cooperation between researchers from both regions and the European Research Area as a whole, as well as with the USA, Russia, and countries from the post-Soviet area, and thus enlarge their theoretical, methodological and empirical approaches.  

The conference is targeted at scholars and researchers from all disciplines and backgrounds who are interested in presenting papers related to the topic of the conference. Recent PhDs and other young researchers are also encouraged to participate. The themes of the presentations may vary, without being limited to:

Ø  Local, regional and global religious space (traditional, modern and postmodern religious movements and forms)

Ø  Religious diversity and inter-religious relations

Ø  Religion and Nationalism

Ø  Traditional confessions, new dimensions and new religious movements

Ø  Religiosity and Spirituality

Ø  Migration, mobility, and refugees: chance or trouble?

Ø  Identity and its representations

Ø  Social interaction and cultural expression: everyday life, festivities and ritual forms

Ø  Culture in all its aspects: traditional, contemporary, cultural heritage, sub-cultures etc

Ø  Climate, ecology and climate changes in the public and individual discourse 


The working languages of the conference are English and Russian. Applications and presentations can be made in either language. We intend to publish the conference papers (after editing and peer review) in a special publication of our journal ‘Yearbook of Balkan and Baltic Studies’, indexed by SCOPUS.  

Conference venue:  

Organising Committee:

Dr. Ekaterina Anastasova and Dr. Solveiga Krūmiņa - Koņkova


Dr. Nadežda Pazuhina and Dr. Svetoslava Toncheva


Dr. Māra Kiope

Dr. Irina Kolarska-Mladenova 

Dr. Inese Runce


Conference fee: 80 Euros

Further information concerning registration, the conference activities and publication plans will be provided in a Second Circular in March 2020. Travel and accommodation costs must be covered by the participants.

The organisers will seek funding to enable a reduction of the fee. 


The deadline for proposals is February 10, 2020. Please send the title of your paper, an abstract (no more than 500 words), your first and last names, academic degree, academic affiliation, address and e-mail to:


Response with acceptance of papers: March 16, 2020.

Please note that only selected participants will receive an e-mail with confirmation of their abstracts.

  We look forward to seeing you in Riga!



The Organising Committee


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