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International conference
Riga, November 24-25th, 2011
Institute of Philosophy and Sociology/University of Latvia
The section titled «Youth in Latvia, Europe and the World: Challenges, Problems and Perspectives», organized by sociologists Ilze Trapenciere, Ilze Koroleva and Ritma Rungule, became a meeting place for youth sociologists, and youth work practitioners at the Joint 3rd World Congress of Latvian Scientists on October 25. The situation of Latvian youth was discussed in the contexts of Europe and the World. Special attention in the section’s work was paid to interdisciplinarity by welcoming researchers from different fields, and youth work organisers.
«Mobile phones and internet allow us to be closer,» says the headline of ConnectIEM campaign that targets migrant communities in 8 EU countries. A group of sociologists at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, being part of international team, are prepared to invite several hundreds of people in Latvia to share thoughts about their experience with computers, Internet and mobile phones in everyday life. The aim of the project is to explore relation between technology and social, economic and cultural integration of migrant population.
Academic research in social sciences and humanities often due to its structure and form is not reached by young people. That serves as a reason not only for disinformation among young people about social science and humanities, but as well for lack of understanding about social and political processes on different levels. Therefore Institute of Philosophy and Sociology (University of Latvia) in close cooperation with Baltic Philosophy Network is organizing workshop on promotion of research in field of humanities.
International conference will be held in Latvia University, Riga (Latvia) on February 10 – 11. 2011.

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