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East-West intra-EU migration is often characterized using the concept of «liquid migration» — a form of «new migration» that has a more diverse and fluid character than the «old migration».

The key question this project asks is: to what extent do established notions of integration adequately fit an increasingly uprooted group of migrants such as Eastern European mobile citizens?


The project goes beyond the traditional measures of integration such as income and labor market success. By merging migration research and research on subjective well-being, the project will shed new light on the outcomes of integration as experienced by migrants themselves in various areas of life (economic, health, psychological and social wellbeing).

Applying a longitudinal design to an unprecedented large-scale web survey of migrants from Latvia allows to track changes over time, providing the most reliable evidence of the effects of migration on wellbeing and happiness, particularly in relation to the liquid character of contemporary migration. A deeper insight into the situation of migrants will be gained by triangulating the quantitative data with qualitative interviews and administrative data.

In our work we will focus on:

  • skills and labour market acivities of migrant population;
  • subjective well-being;
  • health dimension;
  • children and families through migration experiences.

This project continues a notable line of social research focused on migration of Latvian population. We draw upon rich experience obtained in 2014–2015 in the project «Emigrant Communities of Latvia», which was futher developed at the University of Latvia in general and at the Institute of Philosophy and sociology in particular.

Find more updates on our dedicated site Migrācija ⇄ LV

Our team

  • Inta Mieriņa, project director
  • Mihails Hazans, leading researcher, project director (09/2018–03/2019)
  • Ieva Reine, leading researcher
  • Ilze Koroļeva, researcher
  • Māris Goldmanis, researcher
  • Aleksandrs Aleksandrovs, researcher
  • Daina Grosa, researcher
  • Laura Bužinska


Project full title

Exploring Well-Being and Social Integration in the Context of Liquid Migration: A Longitudinal Approach

Project number


Implementation period

September 2018 – August 2021

Mailing address

Sociology department
Kalpaka boulevard 4 - 325,
Riga, LV-1050


info@migracija.lv , fsi@lza.lv



Project funded by the Latvian Council of Science under grant LZP-2018/1-0042

 University of Lativa, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Fundamental and Applied Research Projects

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