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LU Institute of Philosophy and Sociology conducts research in the fields of the humanities and social sciences. Research work is organized within two thematic spheres – philosophy and sociology.

Themes of Philosophical Research:

  • Research into the history of Latvian philosophical thought and ideas,
  • Research into the contemporary Western philosophical trends, translation of classic works,
  • Philosophy of religion and academic study of religions.
Formation and development of Latvian professional philosophical thought, interconnection between national identity and intellectual tradition, history of ideas in Latvia: production of anthology volumes, writing and publication of a series of books Philosophical Library. Letonics, compilation of a number of CDs and data bases on the History of Latvian Philosophy
Research conducted by: Dr.phil. Ella Buceniece, Dr.phil. Aija Priedīte-Kleinhofa, Dr.phil. Svetlana Kovaļčuka, Ināra Cera; Dr.habil.chem., Mg.phil. Ģirts Jankovskis, Mg.phil. Māris Kūlis, Mg.phil. Elvīra Šimfa and others.  
Analysis of contemporary Western philosophy, approbation, translation (classical philosophy, Enlightenment standpoints in Western Europe and their influence on Latvian culture, phenomenology, hermeneutics, philosophy of culture, philosophy of the art of living, psychoanalysis, analytical philosophy, feminist philosophy)
Research conducted by: Dr.phil. Igors Šuvajevs, Dr.habil.phil. Maija Kūle, Dr.phil. Ella Buceniece, Dr.phil. Rihards Kūlis, Dr.habil.phil. Māra Rubene, Dr.habil.phil. Jānis Vējš, Dr.phil. Raivis Bičevskis, Dr.phil. Velga Vēvere, Mg.phil. Rinalds Zembahs, Mg.phil. Andrejs Balodis, Mg.phil. Uldis Vēgners, Māris Vecvagars, Ansis Zunde and others.
Philosophy of religion and paradigms of contemporary religiosity in Europe and Latvia
Research conducted by: Dr.phil. Solveiga Krūmiņa-Koņkova, Dr.habil.phil. Jānis Vējš, Dr.phil. Māra Kiope, Mg.phil. Māra Grīnfelde, Agita Misāne and others.

Themes of Social Science Research:

  • Ethnopolitics, ethnic relations, migration and social integration,
  • Youth and education research,
  • Social exclusion and deviant behaviour (use of addictive substances, prevention),
  • Oral history, making use of its resources in analysing social and identity processes in contemporary culture,  
  • Cross-national comparative sociological research and research methodology.
Ethnopolitics, ethnic relations and the problems of social integration, national identity changes in Latvia, the intellectual tradition of Russian culture in Latvia, Old-believers in Latvia
Research conducted by: Dr.hist. Inese Runce, Dr.hist. Leo Dribins, Vladislavs Volkovs, Nadežda Pazuhina, Dr.phil. Svetlana Kovaļčuka and others.
National oral history
Research conducted by: Baiba Bela, Dagmāra Beitnere, Mg.philol. Ieva Garda-Rozenberga, Edmunds Šūpulis, Māra Zirnīte, Dace Bormane, Maruta Pranka and others.
Research into the problems of youth and education, social exclusion and deviant behaviour
Research conducted by: Dr. sc. soc. Ilze Koroļeva, Dr. sc. soc. Inta Mieriņa, Dr. sc. soc. Ieva Kārkliņa, Mg. art. Ilze Trapenciere, Mg. sc. soc. Sigita Sniķere,  Ph.D. Māris Goldmanis, Mg. sc. soc. Aleksandrs Aleksandrovs and others.
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